How technology can support 21st century prison systems

Traka investigates how the use of security technologies can improve well-being and support prisons, not only in the ideals of rehabilitation as the focus for 21 century prison systems, but also in planning for the future.

As the prison service undergoes a period of significant reform, opportunities arise to increase the use of technology to promote rehabilitation and reduce recidivism.


The aim of the reform process is to best address the challenges being faced in the prison service, including (but not restricted to) budget restrictions, growing and ageing populations, medical substance abuse, understaffing and ageing buildings. These issues have all been compounded most recently by the impact of COVID-19.


Alongside several Government initiatives to improve prison estates, including the Justice 2030 project, prisons are being constructed to create more inspiration and uplifting environments. The use of technology will play an essential role to help staff operate facilities more efficiently and inmates to redeem responsibility.


In this white paper, Traka with its partners Unilink, Serco and Practice Plus Group looks at the evolution of the prison estates and how technology is being used. 


Traka Prisons White Paper

This white paper investigates: 

  • The desire to achieve a twenty first century prison system focussing on rehabilitation
  • The current challenges faced by the prison system and intended Government action to address the issues
  • The transformation agenda and results, including the development of new-build prisons such as HMP Berwyn
  • The focus on technology at the forefront of design in new-prison estates
  • The value of different technologies including medication distribution lockers

About the author

Tom Smith is the Major Accounts Sales Manager for Traka UK. He has been with the company for over 7 years, with a focus on the prison sector.

By visiting many prison establishments across the country, Tom has a deep understanding of the everyday challenges faced and can source the right solutions to managing sensitive keys and assets, whilst also offering a broader expertise in health and safety security processes.

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