How are innovative technologies advancing the future of logistics?

Discover how innovative technologies like asset management solutions can enhance the distribution and logistics sector in a post-COVID economy.

If Coronavirus has proven anything, it’s that the logistics sector is built of ‘strong stuff.’ It has operated through the pandemic, dynamically adapting to the new environment to ensure household and business needs were achieved efficiently and effectively.


The industry had to rise to the challenge of being a sector more in demand than ever. By expanding to seven days a week operation which evolved to embrace e-commerce, more people were recruited and technology and digital asset investments were made.


As the UK emerges from restrictions, the sector has an opportunity to continue to thrive, and contribute to the UK’s economic sustainable recovery. It can do so by embracing intelligent management systems to continue to operate at such a significant level.


To support these ongoing goals, Traka offers support to the logistics and distribution sector, to provide leading, innovative, secure and effective real-world technology solutions and essential key and equipment management.


Traka White Paper

Discover how the logistics and distribution sector can:

  • Continue to support the consumers preferences for online sales
  • Remain strong in the long term to maintain the industry's success
  • Keep logistics moving through effective security and managed operations
  • Provide an essential service for retailers supporting fast delivery expectations

About the author

Lee Payne is a dedicated Market Development Manager who specialises in supporting logistics, transport and distribution companies to provide efficiency improvements to operations for a positive return on investments across businesses 

His understanding of process controls, ensures supported companies have authority over their tooling and maintenance processes.

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